Tour Code: KZN 009A
Transport: Standard class
Guide: English-/French-/German-/Spanish-speaking
Period: 10 May – 15 Sep
Duration: 3 hours
How to get: by a private boat

Included: Professional guide for 3 hrs, transfers to/from the pier, private boat hire for 2 hrs and only positive emotions

Description: Blue Lakes are the main natural attraction of Tatartan. The round way trip to lakes by boat takes about 1,5 hours and you'll have about 1 hour to spend a wonderful time there.The nearby territory is a protected area. The complex consists of 3 lakes: The Big Blue lake, the Small Blue one and the Flowing one. Lakes have karstic origin, so the water is always crystal clear and always cold. The temperature is about +4 degrees Celsius all year round. If you are brave you can jump right into the the cold water. For those who wish to prove themselves, there is a convenient entrance to the water and changing cabins. This place is great to come here for a few hours to relax, enjoy the unusual miracle of nature and make beautiful pictures. It's a paradise for fans of extreme diving. Go, have fun and enjoy the unique nature.
Price per person, Rub