IKRA SHOW is the most spectacular show in the Pacific Russia! An exciting performance with an adventurous plot is sure to grab and hold the attention of even the most sophisticated viewer. The unique combination of music, dance, visual and sound effects as well as the artists performing in extreme genres will allow the viewer to experience a full range of feelings and emotions. An explosive fusion of modern and folklore, humor and grandeur, reality and wonders are packed in an-hour-and-a-half, breath taking and fun performance presented in 2.0 format. The plot is based on the confrontation between good and evil, on magic and passionate love. Unique designer costumes and the latest stage technologies. Most special attention was paid to selecting the cast of performers – the best of the best in their respective genres have joined us. All this is IKRA SHOW!

The show is designed with the most modern multimedia format in mind: surround sound, animated computer graphics, innovative lighting solutions – all this creates the effect of full immersion. All that distinguishes the world's best shows today – the latest stage technology for illusionary and acrobatic episodes, enormous background screens and LED empowered costumes, all this you will see in our majestic project!

We made our show unique and unpredictable. From the first to the last minute, we will take you on an incredible journey filled with magical extravaganza, vivid characters, stylish choreography, intricate music and visual delight. A captivating plot, a whirlpool of events and comic situations are part of our show that will impress you and leave a long-lasting memory.

The creative group of IKRA SHOW has brought together the most talented artists of various genres, the best in the business. These are the winners of all-Russian and international competitions; dancers and musicians, acrobats, beauty contests winners, drama actors and vocalists. Some of the visual stage styles will be shown for the first time ever.

The best show in all of Eastern Russia! A fusion of music, acrobatics, dance and visual effects in 2.0 format.