Chukotka is the Easternmost region in Russia,
it is geographically located in the Far East of the country. Chukotka is the 2nd-least-populated federal subject and the least densely populated.

Anadyr is the largest town and the capital of Chukotka, and the easternmost settlement to have town status in Russia.

Chukotka is home to Lake Elgygytgyn, an impact crater lake and Anyuyskiy, an extinct volcano. The village of Uelen is the easternmost settlement in Russia and the closest substantial settlement to the United States (Alaska).

Chukotka shares a border with the Sakha Republic to the west, Magadan Region to the south-west, and Kamchatka to the south.Chukotka is bordered in the north by the Chukchi Sea and the East Siberian Sea, which are part of the Arctic Ocean; in the east by the Bering Strait and the Bering Sea, part of the Pacific Ocean. The peninsula's easternmost point, Cape Dezhnev, is also the easternmost point of mainland Russia.

Ecologically, Chukotka can be divided into three distinct areas: the northern Arctic desert, the central tundra, and the taiga in the south. About half of its area is above the Arctic Circle.

Chukotka is primarily populated by ethnic Russians, Chukchis, and other indigenous peoples.