Ussuriysk is a city with population of about 200,000 located in Primorskiy Region within 112 km from Vladivostok.

First information about a settlement on this territory refers to the 12 century, the time of Bohai kingdom.

In 1866, Ussuriysk appeared on the map of Russian Empire as Nikolskoe village, which was assigned city status in 1898. After the Russo-Japanese War in 1904-1905 "Nikolsk" became one of the most important commercial and economic centers of the Russian Far East.

In 1957, the Nikolsk city was renamed and its name was changed to the "Ussuriysk" because of closeness to Ussuri river.

The city's industry is represented nowadays by 28 enterprises: 14 in the consumer goods industry (including the food processing industry), 6 in metal industry, and 4 in building and construction industry. Ussuriysk has been always specialized in the production of consumer goods, its consumer goods industry is traditionally more developed and diversified in comparison with other big cities of Primorsky region. The most famous and largest enterprise in this economy sector of the city is Ussuriysky Balsam, which produces alcoholic beverages.

Animal husbandry and agriculture are also well-developed sectors of the city's economy. Soybeans, buckwheat, wheat, barley, potatoes, and vegetables are grown here. Manufacture of furs is another traditional industry of the Ussuriysk that presented by the Oktyabrsky Closed Joint-Stock Company, which supplies mink skins onto the Russian market and abroad.

Ussuriysk has interesting history and specific landscape, so there are some sightseeing spots worth seeing.

The Ussuriysk Drama Theater of the Far East Military District was founded in 1937 and it is one of the two theaters of the Russian Army (another is the Central Theater of the Russian Army in Moscow). The downtown buildings situated on such streets as Lenina St., Chicherina St., Krasnoznamyonnaya St., and Ageyeva St. have particular historic value they were built in between 1880-1920. The Intercession Church at Chicherina St. was built in 1914 and it is the only religious building that has been kept without any reconstruction since 1917 and always used for its original purpose. There is the Red Guards and Guerrilla members Monument on the central square erected in memory of people who died in the battles at Ussuriysk in June 1918. The Lenin Monument situated on the Railway Station Square is a part of Russian history and place of interest as well. However, the most attractive sight of the Ussuriysk city is located in the Central park – an ancient stone turtle of Jurchen's period.

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