Tour Code: KZN 008
Transport: Standard class
Guide: English-/French-/German-/Spanish-speaking
Duration: 8 hours
Included: Professional guide, comfortable vehicle, city tour around Chistopol,
entrance fee to 2 museums (museum of uyezd town, and museum of Pasternak), lunch.

Description: The old uyezd (district) town of Chistopol is one of a kind! All architectural landmarks here are located in the two main streets. At the same time, geographically it is in the very center of Tatarstan. The distance from Chistopol to Kazan is 144 kilometers, with 141 km to Naberezhnye Chelny, 586 km to Orenburg and 107 km to Begishevo international airport. The town's area is 19.24 square kilometers and its population is 60.7 thousand people. First mentioned at the end of the 17th century Chistopol become a shelter for the Union of Soviet Writers, which included Boris Pasternak and Leonid Leonov. The town is notable for its watch plant, Vostok watches, which was founded in 1941.
Price per person, Rub