Tour Code: VVO 044
Duration: 18 hours
Included: transport & guide services, lunch and dinner, museum entrance fee, excursion to Petrov Island (summer season only) and Path of Tiger.

Lazovsky Nature Reserve is located on the southeastern slopes of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range, down to the coast of the Sea of Japan. The reserve is 95% forested, with the largest stand of Yew trees in the Russian Far East, and has been the subject of scientific study since the 1800s for its rich communities of endemic plants and animals. The Reserve is the habitat of Amur Tiger, Himalayan Bear, Goral, Yellow-throated marten, Sika Deer, Larga seal.
Tour Program:
After four hours drive from Vladivostok we will arrive to Lazo Village where we'll meet wildlife researchers of the Reserve, obtain the permissions and visit the Museum of Nature. After the lunch at the local café we will drive another 80 km through the scenic forest area toward the Reserve territory. Take a boat to the fascinating Petrov Island with its unique environment: subtropical forests, natural flower gardens and pebbly shoreline where seals are resting. Excursion to taiga forest for wildlife viewing with the Reserve instructor. Enjoy a 3-hours excursion "Path of Tiger" to see the traces and footprints of the wild animals.
Drive to Lazo Village (1,5 hrs) , have a dinner and go back to Vladivostok (4 hrs).
Price per person, Rub