Tour Code: VVO 026
Duration: 8 hours
Included: transport & guide services, entrance fee, lunch

National Park "Land of the Leopard" is situated 130 km far from Vladivostok, near Barabash village in Khasansky Region. A new national park in the Russian Far East protects critically endangered Siberian (Amur) tigers and the world's rarest big cat: the Far Eastern (Amur) leopard. Land of the Leopard National Park safeguards 1,011 square miles of leopard and tiger habitat.The park combines three existing protected areas: Kedrovya Pad Reserve, Barsovy Federal Wildlife Refuge, and Borisovkoe Plateau Regional Wildlife Refuge. In addition, unprotected lands have been added into the park along the Chinese border and in the northeast portion of the leopard's range.
During the excursion along the path of Leopard, You'll get acquainted with the life of Leopard and the modern methods of animals' registration such as tracking and using of trail camera. If you are lucky you can watch tracks of wild animals. After the excursion we'll have a lunch at the roadside café.
Price per person, Rub